The Amazing Race 24: Instrument List

Now that the finale of The Amazing Race: All Stars has aired, I can post the instrument list.

Here's they are, grouped by instrumental family. These are in addition to the usual complement of orchestral instruments that make up my core composing template.

Percussion Instruments

Chinese Battle Drums, Gamelan ensemble, Angklung ensemble, Tuned Gongs, Dhol, Tablas, Daf, Dayereh, Dholak, Finger Cymbals, Frame Drums, various ethnic hand percussion

Stringed Instruments

Guzheng, Pipa, Yangquin, Zhonghu, Erhu, Guitar (nylon), Guitar (steel string), Baritone Guitar, Zither, Ban hu, Sitar, Santoor, Tambura, Sarod, Esraj, Dilruba, Veena, Indian string ensemble. Sarangi, Mandolin, Upright Bass

Wind Instruments

Dizi, Xiao, Bawu, Suona, Bansuri, Duduk, Harmonica, Native American flutes

Keyboard Instruments

Keyed Dulcimer, Accordion, Concertina, Harpsichord