Moving with the Times

This week's blog post is a teaser: I'm currently working with a producer-friend on a couple of new personal ventures, and I hope to be able to give you more information soon on what we're developing.

These new projects come from a long-held desire to connect with you—and by you, I mean you reading this, right now, whoever and wherever you are—on a more consistent basis and across a wider variety of subjects. I don't know that I've ever been more excited, or more terrified, at the outset of a creative endeavor.

Fair warning in advance: These things don't always pan out. But this is what we do, over and over again, as creative individuals: we try to find new ways to express the stuff we're feeling so strongly inside. Technology has made the barriers to entry lower than ever before.

The flip side, though, is that it's also easier than ever to create bad content. We're mindful of that—and so we're taking our time. Trying to get things right. My goal will always be to find the butter zone between under-preparing and over-thinking it.

Allen Ginsburg's quotation is famous: "The poet stands naked before the world!" I promise we won't go that far, but I'm looking forward to it being raw, real, and a little dangerous. Stay tuned.