Why blog here?

I'm adding this "Notes" page to the site. Here I'll post occasional thoughts about the Industry, about music and creativity, and about my work.

I won't promise to update on anything like a regular basis; one thing I've noticed is that many of my favorite creative people start a blog, then it sits, forlorn and abandoned, for months on end. At the very least, I'll try to avoid that.

So—why post here, when I already have a blog at leesanders.net? I suppose the answer is that I'm trying to keep my more music-related stuff all in one place. The leesanders.net site is more all-encompassing, more about my life in general. Right now I'm pushing projects both as a composer and as a self-publishing author, and that brings its own level of insanity. So call this a bit of structure I'm imposing on myself.

And I promise that (most of the) subsequent blogs you'll read here will be less meta. Blogging about blogging… urk.